New Siding, Fresh Paint…and an Addition!

Over here at This Mod House, things have been really rockin’!  We are completely sided and painted, which has been a long time coming!  Want to see how things went over the past two weeks?


The siders started with adding trim around the windows.


After the first soffit material was torn out (due to our late decision to remove the original fin walls), we needed to redo the soffit and chose this ventilated composite material. The siders put it up as they worked their way around the house with the window trim.


And this ended up being the new siding choice. We were considering several different siding panel materials, and ended up with Hardie because it was available in a 10′ length. Our house is about 20′ 6″ tall on most sides, so this length allowed for two full panels with a break mid-way down and a break close to the foundation. We liked that configuration best.


Siding the top half of the house was very hard work. The panels are so heavy!


The back of the house with its new siding.


You may have noticed the 2″x6″ vertical boards running down the length of the house on both sides of the windows in the the previous photos…Here’s a closer look at this detail on the garage. After removing the original fin walls, we thought the house looked too flat and decided to add the boards.


All sided-up, we needed to choose a paint color. Since the beginning, we have been planning on painting the house a dark charcoal. The black chair is for reference, as the fascia and downspouts will be black metal. What color did we go with???


Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams! As the name implies, there is some brown in the color, but I think of it as a warm dark gray. The cooler charcoal grays felt too dramatic. 


I hope it’s not too dark, but I think it will be great with the planned rich-stained cedar accents above the windows.


A pic from this morning.  This is how one end of the house looks with the black metal fascia.  Do I dare say things are starting to look better around here?  The key word is “starting”….Still have much to do!


I haven’t forgotten to tell you about The Addition!  No, there is not a big change to our renovation plans… No proposed additional square footage….We aren’t that crazy!  But we are a little crazy, and felt the desire to add a bit more excitement to the household…  Have a look at our newest family member:


Introducing “Jarkko” (pronounced Yarkko). It’s a Finnish/Swedish name, meaning “God is Gracious”.

Our 8 week-old lab pup is the grand-pup of my grandfather’s last hunting dog.  And Jarkko’s mother is also the mother to my dad’s last dog that he loved so much as he was battling leukemia.  This is one special Addition to the family!




Interior Painting: The Amateurs vs. The Pros

Where did the week go?  I guess I have been so busy with house stuff, the days seem to sneak past me!  To be honest, it had been 4 days since I last washed my hair (clean tonight)….But, ya know, with all of the sanding dust that flies around lately, it didn’t even get greasy.  Drywall dust just happens to be a fantastic oil-absorbing hair product!  So, what’s been happening this week, you ask?  What has been taking up each and every moment of my free time?  Painting!  It started with a crew of 3 (plus me) last weekend.


The Amateurs: From left, my hubby (roller man), my aunt (prep and priming expert), and my mom (cutting perfectionist).  This will be our teenage daughter’s room.  She likes this dusty violet we are using to cover the old white and lipstick pink walls.

Mom and Aunt B. put in a 10-hour first day, and a long second day. Hubby likes to roll like a bat outta hell (so there were some touch-ups necessary), but he was also on kid-duty most of the weekend, so I could be free to paint.  Soooo nice!  Before we started, there was a wallpaper border to come down in the boys’ room, some sanding and cleaning.  Mom got very well-acquainted with the shop-vac those 2 days…(Sorry for your sore back, Mom!)  We got first-coats on the 3 upstairs bedrooms.  YAY!  We did a light gray-blue in the boys’ room, light gray-violet in daughter’s, and I chose a warm gray for the master (also fairly light).


Master bedroom, end of Day #2.

Most days this week, I toiled (happily) away at the second coats in the three bedrooms.  Time flies when your hand has a paintbrush in it!  Of course, there were other people in the house, and periodic distractions concerning the project (all good!), but mostly, my days were quiet and enjoyable.  My love of this house grows with every little improvement!

Yesterday, the last of the really messy stuff (more dust) was happening.


Jeremy and Joe were my compadres at the house yesterday.


This is Big Joe, completing some carpentry work.  I heard he worked a 12-hour day, to get all the little things (baseboards, door trims, etc.) done before the pro painters arrive.


Poor Jeremy got the short straw. He spent all morning removing staples from the back of the stair treads.


Not easy! These stairs better be worth it!

The professional painters started today.  I painted upstairs while they prepped everything.  We’re talking hours and hours of putting up plastic and taping.  The “Amateurs” did no such thing.  We were just careful….(And we didn’t use a sprayer.)


Greg covering the stairs (those stairs again!). All of the wood-work of the stairwell is getting painted white, but the treads, those frustrating treads, are getting sanded and stained dark, like a natural walnut color.


Danny starts priming some new closet doors. That’s when I left for the day.


Couldn’t resist sharing a pic of my kitchen so far.  Still missing a few things…okay, a lot of things, but hopefully this will all come together in the next two weeks!

More painting to come by another crew, this weekend.  My father-in-law just retired, selling his decorating company, last year.  So you know what that means!  He has time and talent, and he will be coming to spruce up the upstairs bathrooms with fresh coats on the vanities and walls.  I will be his assistant, and maybe work on other upstairs hall trim too.  Carpeting is scheduled for next Wednesday, so it would be super great to be done with all things needing paint before then!