Mod House Musings & Other Developments

Since I have not posted the entire month of October (shame on me!), I have lots to talk about.  So much to say, so little time!  Hoping I can give you a concise recap…  (Now that the house is quiet again after an active Halloween night!)

Hmmmm.  Gotta think about where I left off.  Oh, yeah!  The siding and paint job!


The next step was to rebuild the second story balconies.

ImageThe guys started with the small one on the front of the house…  That’s stained cedar for the decking (except for the front board which was originally stained, but I requested another sanding because it was noticeably more rough than the 2 by 4s, so alas, it and the other face-boards were put up unstained.  More work for another day!).

ImageAbove, you see the master deck with the spindles.  Some were pre-painted, but we misjudged how many to do, so extras will have to be painted installed.  Shoot!

Below, there’s a view of the side balcony off the loft.


ImageAll smiles after completing the job!

Balconies all up, just needing a little touch-up paint and stain.

So, one would think all is swell at this point.  Wrong!  I hated the railing height!  The proportions looked strange.  Here’s the back-story:  The spindles were cut as called out, and the plan said they were to extend 12″ below the balcony decks.  Before the carpenters got to work installing the spindles/railings, I was concerned we would see too much spindle from the inside with 12″ hanging underneath, and asked to have them installed higher.  Granting my wish, they were installed up 6″, making the railings 42″ tall, instead of the standard 36″ height.  I thought it would be fine, but after stewing on it for a few days, I knew what I had to do:

Admit it was a bad idea, and ask the guys to redo it.  That was hard, but it was the right thing to do, and now all is swell.  Lesson learned:  Trust the architect when it comes to proportions.  Here’s a pic of the master balcony with the much better railing height (Whew!).


And that would be the husband painting our main level deck.  We were told it was too far gone to sand and stain, so we cleaned it up as best we could, and bought deck paint.  I thought it might be a good idea to go lighter than the house, but now that we have a first coat down, I can tell we need to go darker.  That’s just my luck, but not too tragic of a goof.  It always takes me a few tries to get a paint color right!

IMG_0608What the????  Major makeover going on for our front door!  Even the camera couldn’t focus on this crazy hue!  (But I can’t take credit for this one.  Totally our architect’s suggestion.)  It’s not the most attractive door to start with, but until we want to spring for a new one, some fresh paint will have to suffice.  You will have to wait to see how this turned out!  (I know…the suspense is just killing you, right?)

Coming up in the next few weeks, we will be getting the stained cedar accents installed on the house.  I think it will really add that somethin somethin it needs for some interest, and to break up the dark paint color.

One other development that happened in September/October is that I took a job outside of the house.   It’s retail, and my place of work is at the MOA (Mall of America).  People have been asking me if it’s fun.  Not exactly fun, but it is a new challenge for me, and that’s a good thing.  One perk is that I meet people from all over the world on a daily basis.  I never knew shopping there was such a destination.  We have always lived about 20 minutes away from it, so it has always been just another mall to us… Another perk is that my husband has been helping out a lot more with the kids and all the other stuff that happens at home.  Yeah!

Unfortunately, though, having a job does mean there’s less time for working on the house.  There’s still so much!  I have barely even started to decorate!  But, wait.  Remember this guy??

IMG_0600It might be a good idea to put that new sofa off a few more months, if ya know what I mean!


  1. Love the wood slats on the balconies. Oh, I know how hard that probably was for you to ask them to change the height. It makes me feel horrible when I have to do stuff like that … but it was SO RIGHT! I know you’re happier. Those Cabot stains are awesome. It’s all we use on our house.

    Congrats on the new job. I just shook my head and thought “man, is she right”. It’s so hard to accomplish much on your home when you’re working. I struggle with that all the time. I get cranky but then I remember “oh, this job is paying for all this stuff”. HA HA HA! Hang in there. Anything accomplished is better than nothing accomplished. I celebrate every little step. The house looks fabulous, Allison. That door — the suspense is killing me.

    1. Thanks so much again, Stacey! You write such fun comments! Really, really kind of you to take the time, and I feel very lucky to have you following along–the fabulous home renovator/blogger that you are!

      Yeah…Lately, haven’t spent much time on the house, with the new job and all, but I have to say I appreciate the hours I do have at home now more than ever!

  2. I really like the dark color and the cedar accents. I just re-did our front door (story coming this week) – in our case we have a slab door that was shellacked, so I was able to refinish it and shellac it again.

    I agree that the railing height being lower is better. And having lived with an architect for a number of years (before meeting my wife), it’s true that they have good proportional eye. It’s a good idea to take their advice on such topics!

    1. HI Doug! Thank you for commenting and supporting our decision to paint the house so dark. I am really hoping more stained cedar tempers it a bit. And yes, trusting our architect has always been the best idea.

      Gotta head over to your blog to check out that door of yours!

  3. Found your blog from your comments on a Wowhaus blog about a James Stageberg house in Edina (which we just bought). Your house and renovation look great. Very cute pup, too!

    1. Hello, Erik with a “k”! (We have a son with the same spelling).
      You bought that awesome house??? Very cool. Would LOVE to know more about your experience so far!
      Thanks for the comment!

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