Back at It!

Hello, Friends.  So sorry to have kept you hangin’.  Although it’s been quiet on the house front the past few weeks, I have been itching to write.  And today is as good as any.  Actually, its better than any,  because today:




Both developments are nothing short of fantastic!  The kids are back having their minds engaged, and my house is back to getting whipped into shape.   And I am back with a few hours to myself for posting and tackling the piles of laundry/detritus from the long weekend.  So happy to have some good news to share!

Since my last post, the only house things that were worked on were the balconies.  I snapped a few shots:




Here’s a photo from the archives, showing the master bedroom balcony joists that were cantilevered inside. Obviously, there were some rotten boards. We had high hopes of keeping them intact, maybe cutting them down from 8 feet in length to 4 feet. Inspector said “No way, Jose!”, and we were forced to cut them off completely


Prep work.




Joists cut into the house.


I really wasn’t too upset to lose the rotten joists… We all know Rotten=Bad.   But, there’s another side to the story (literally).   And that would be INSIDE.  Only look if you are brave!


My brand-new dining area. Quarantined. New ceiling. Hacked up and thrown away like garbage!

Why the inside invasion?  Because we are wanting the new balcony to look like the old one design-wise (cantilevered), and that means new joists must run two times the length of the balcony inside.  Here’s one reason to remodel the exterior of a home before the interior!   Live and learn!


The newbies: 16′ pressure treated boards.


And they’re up! The new deck will be 5′ deep.  You can see the new boards are sistered to the existing interior joists inside.


The inside shot.


Finishing up some details, so that the area is ready for the siding material to come.


And here’s the small balcony off our daughter’s room. Luckily the joists here were considered stable, and just some minor changes were required. Whew!

There will also be a mini balcony off the upstair’s loft.  Just enough space to swing the door open and sing to the tree-tops if so inclined!

Well, that’s about it for progress.  The dining space is still under quarantine, so the rest of the main floor is suffering the consequences of misplaced furnishing until the area is patched and painted, and we can put it back together.  Kind of a drag, but it should be remedied in the next few weeks -Yay!

And it’s almost time to get the kids!  Where did the day go?  The guys have been hard at work.  I haven’t even stepped out to see what they have done, but from the sound of things inside, it’s been a lot!  So look for a post in the not-too-distant future about our siding progress.  Liking the way that sounds!






  1. That cantilevered deck is going to be amazing! I’d have to bring a comfy chair out there and never leave. “Where’s mom?… oh, yeah… on the deck”! FABULOUS!

    So much MAJOR stuff going on. You guys are totally transforming this home. I’m loving it. Looking forward to seeing the siding. Great update.

    1. Hey Stacey!

      My husband and I are wondering how much we will hang-out on the deck. It does overlook the yard, and faces South-West, so we can count on the ability to see the kids playing, and A LOT of sun. Both can be good things or bad!

      I’d have to say the main reason we decided to rebuild this deck was the aesthetics of it. Since we had to remove the fin walls, which gave our house much dimension, the house would appear soooo flat without the balcony too.

      It will be a win-win, if we actually enjoy using it as our personal little get-away! (Might have to bring the coffee maker upstairs!)

  2. Hi Allison, having just met you at your new job, Nordstrom’s and been introduced to your blog through our fun discussion there I have a few words in response to reviewing your blog – WOW! Second, in case you ever need a few adjectives to describe your personality I would suggest you use “tenacious and persistent”. This has been a challenging renovation to say the least. So glad to have been “introduced” at Nordstrom and hope to run into you again.

    1. Hi Dianne!

      It was such a pleasure to meet you, and it is so kind of you to check out my blog about our renovation. Because of your interior design background, I thought it might interest you…I usually don’t blab about it to everyone! Hope to see you again too!

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