Exterior Progress – Start of Week #4

Rain is expected most of today (it’s pouring now), so there won’t be much going on with our project.  So!  I will take advantage of this little break in the action to catch you up on our progress!  There haven’t been that many actual work days since my last post due to the long holiday weekend, but the guys have been putting in long hours, and fortunately, the weather has cooperated (until today).  I will let the photos tell the story:


Last week, framing the soffit on the front of the house. It’s deeper over the front entry, as that area is recessed back from the rest of the facade. Like that it will provide some protection at the front door!


Here’s what you see on the ride up in the basket of the lift…. cool perspective!


The roofing crew, getting a start on the north end of the house. That’s an insulation product stacked and cut to create better pitch and swells to the planned scuppers/gutters. The black rubber membrane is glued on top.


A look at the garage roof from above.

Earlier this morning, I took some photos of the exterior in its current state:


The roofers have glued rubber membrane on 2/3 of the house. They have been working on it in sections, in conjunction with the carpenters.  I have been told it will be one more day (hopefully tomorrow!) to tear up the old stuff and put down the layers of insulation/pitch and rubber on the remaining 1/3. Our roof should be watertight at that point. Yay!


The backside.

By my next post, we should be pretty well wrapped up with the new roof, and moving on to the siding work.  There will be some decisions to be made concerning the paint color and cedar accents.  Looking forward to it!

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