Renovation Marathon

Hi Guys!  I have been thinking about posting for the better part of this past week, and I am finally sitting down at our dining table with a pot of my favorite tea to power me through.  Why have I been dragging my toes?  The month of April was a strange one, and I have not been sure if I have too much to talk about or too little.  Our interior remodel has been begging to get wrapped up, but since we moved in mid-March, the workmen have been largely unavailable.  It has taken mini-meltdowns on my part to get their attention and come over to finish things that could have been done weeks earlier.  This past month, various work has been done, but nothing terribly exciting.  Just plugging along…

I really like the analogy of remodeling a house and running a marathon.  I would compare the point we are at with our reno to mile 13.   We’ve come so far, but still have a long way to go!  (Haven’t even touched the exterior yet–Hello!)  At this half-way point, there’s some doubt and definitely more than a little pain.  You ask yourself why you even thought this was a good idea in the first place…And then you remember all of the work you have put in and decide there’s no turning back.  One foot in front of the other.  We will get there, eventually!   Hats off to those of you blogging about your renovations that have lasted many months, even years!  I know you are doing a lot of the labor yourselves in your spare time and love the process.  Unfortunately, we are not talented (or brave) enough!  Painting is about as involved as I get…

So, let’s get to it.  Here’s a recap of the month of April:


We had to remove the lower horizontal cabinet over the range (which was originally designed to house the vent), due to it being too low. The range requires 30″ clearance. To fix the problem, our builder is locating it in the upper horizontal instead.


Here you see the vent in place with the cut to the outside.


The vent installed.  There’s some tweaking left to do…Our plan is to have a stainless steel backsplash to finish the wall above the range.


My back-painted (by Yours Truly) glass backsplash getting installed.




It’s very blue-green. After I painted the smaller piece to the left of the range, I noticed the dramatic color of the glass itself appear, despite using white paint. I was unsure I liked it at first, so I sent a photo to the architect. He loves the color, and said we should claim to have chosen it on purpose. But, just between you and me, it was a complete accident!


Floor guys back to sand the wood stairs in preparation for staining.


Here’s how they look all cleaned up.


Sanded stair close-up. Guess who’s planning on staining these puppies? Yeah, it’s me!

Thanks for sticking with me here!  Going to leave you with a photo of the newest light fixture put up a couple weeks ago:


One more little step to the finish!


  1. I like the backsplash, light and stairs. Can’t wait for the art you will do for behind the table.

    1. Thanks, Mom….Really not sure what will decorate that wall, at this point. I have an inkling that it will change a few times before I am happy!

    1. Hi Doug! Thank you for your encouragement! Yes, so glad I didn’t take the easy way out and re-carpet. I know I wouldn’t have been happy with that look. Just having a bit of trouble nailing down the best stain/color. My first attempt was definitely too dark…Thank Goodness I practiced on the run to the basement!

    1. Thank you for reading, Nancy! We really love our new place and are excited about making it “ours”. Progress has been quite slow lately, but we will continue to plug away with hopes of one day saying, “It was so worth the wait!”

  2. Hey Allison! I contacted you a while back about the light fixture in the pictures above. We ended up buying one as well (just more economical!) and we too are finding the light a little cool. I know you mentioned you switched out the bulb for something warmer; can you recall where you purchased it? I’ve checked Home Depot, Creative Lighting and another light store in Minneapolis with no such luck……your house is GORGEOUS! I love the dark color on the siding–perfect choice 🙂

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Heather!
      Unfortunately, I have not found a better bulb. It lured both of us with its cool design and price, but disappoints with the cool light it gives… Let me know if you end up finding a bulb replacement you like! (And would enjoy seeing photos of your space!)

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