Grandma’s Table and Other Hand-me-downs

Despite the cold, snowy weather we’ve been getting this past week, I have reason to be in high spirits.  I acquired some new, very special furniture pieces!  The most important being the one for our dining area in our new kitchen.  It’s the only dining area in our home, since we erased the dining room from the original floor plan of the house.  So this table (sitting at it now…) had to fit a myriad of needs.  It had to seat our family of six on a daily basis, as well as a few more for special occasions.  It had to “fill” the space purposed for dining, but not block two doors and the traffic patterns in and out of them.  It had to be of a style that complements the modern vibe we have going in the kitchen.  And last, but not least, it had to be inexpensive.  Tough parameters (especially the inexpensive one)!  And somehow, someway, the stars aligned, and my Grandma’s table needed a new home about the same time we needed a new table.

Last summer, when Grandma moved to a smaller place, it was determined by my aunts and uncles that I should have the table.   Usually, when one thinks about a “Grandma Table,” it conjures fond memories of  family gatherings and large meals shared.  This table does all that for me, for sure.  I can still see and hear my grandfather next to me at the head of the table, “Allison, you’re such a good eater!”  (I still am.  Good thing I like to run too!)    But style-wise, “Grandma Tables” can fall a bit short.   Not MY Grandma’s!!  Her table is just the style I needed, without me knowing it.   Not only is it super-dooper special, it’s actually really cool!  It also comes with the flexibility of two leaves to adjust the size.  One leaf works for everyday, and we will add the second to seat 10 comfortably.  Love!  Thanks to my family for this amazing gift!  When are you all available to come for dinner?


Grandma’s table’s new home.


Had to buy me some tulips to remember it’s spring-time. No, the photo is not over-exposed….That’s real snow outside!

The architect of our project stopped by this week and thought the table was beautiful.  “So much better than I had imagined!”  I told you people have problems visualizing something design-savvy when you tell them you are furnishing the house with Grandma’s stuff!  Whew!  Glad he likes it too… Together, we decided on some weathered white wood and chrome chairs to lighten things up a bit.  Yeah!

And there was another piece to get his opinion on.  Yes, Grandma also had the matching buffet to donate.   I agreed to try it out.


The matching buffet is in my living room. Jury is out about its future location and purpose in my home. Surface for decor? Entertainment/media stand/storage?


When I open the doors, it smells like Grandma’s house, and that’s a good thing.

…John also liked Grandma’s buffet!  I even think the word “beautiful” was used (again!).  THAT surprised me.  He is a really nice guy, so there’s a chance he was just saying that, but I think he really meant it. This piece has a little more detail going on, which makes it feel slightly….you know!  Anyway, he explained that the modern architecture of our home demands some counterbalance.  He loves a few older “off” pieces to create interest.  Grandma’s buffet stays for now!  Maybe some new pulls will be enough to up its appeal.  I do definitely like that I can tie the kitchen and living room together with Grandma’s two pieces.

There you have it!  I have a start at furnishing my new spaces.  FYI:  My last house took me about 2 years to furnish, as I am a total craigslist junkie, and absolutely hate to pay retail prices.  It was a process, and an exercise in patience.  In the end, I thought that house turned out pretty nice.  And I had a little story behind each and every item.  That was as important to me as the money I was saving.  A double win.  Grandma’s table and buffet, with their familiar shapes and smells and the memories they inspire, will provide that same satisfaction, only so much greater!


    1. Thank you for the compliment, Penny! So kind of you to follow my blog. Hope your weather in Florida makes up for the recent snowstorms you had to deal with in Duluth. Enjoy your time away!

    1. Thanks, Mom! And thank you for storing Grandma’s things until our house was ready for them. It was you who first had the vision of her table working for us. Nice call! Also, I know Grandma would enjoy a printing of this post. I will be penning a personal thank you to her today!

    1. Hi modernT! I apologize for the late reply, as I somehow missed it until today! Any way, thanks for the kind compliment….It means a lot, seeing the great things you select for your home!

  1. Gorgeous dining set! Looks really solid – is it heavy? The details on the buffet are beautiful as well, not like anything you can get nowadays, I’m sure! Ha, yesterday was 2 years that we have bought our house and I have yet to finish the interior decorating!

    1. Michelle, Thank you and yes, the table and buffet are solid and very heavy! The creative people out there say they never finish decorating their homes–always changing something up. So, don’t rush it, and enjoy the process!

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