Just Like Home

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since our move to our new place, and I am happy to say it is starting to feel like home.  Things are still getting put away, and there’s plenty of loose ends to tie up in terms of the interior renovation, but I have found a routine (kind of) that feels good here.  My new range was hooked up yesterday (needed the gas line moved first), so we are back boiling water for pasta.  Just feeding the kids tonight, so the official first meal made with my fancy-shmancy range was mac-n-cheese.  (At least it was homemade!)


The first of many mac-n-cheese meals….

With a working range, no more excuses not to prepare home-cooked meals!  I guess that’s a good thing….But, actually, the range is still not in its correct position (plumbing pipe in the way) and would not pass inspection, due to its proximity to the upper cabinets.


We will be losing the hortizontal false cabinet directly above the range. It was to house the vent, but is too low.

As I have eluded to it in a previous post, the whole range/vent issue is really getting old.  With the first range not fitting, I was disappointed.  And now, the upper cabinet design is getting reconfigured (to pass inspection), so we won’t be able to use the vent liner I bought.  I just ordered another vent that we hope will work when it is installed higher.  And I actually thought locating the range on the wall instead of in the island was going to make things easier/less expensive.  Oh, well!  So, I have a working range, but I have to be very, very careful not to burn the house down.  No stir-fry for now.

Good news!  My extra dishwasher is finally out of the kitchen corner (where my extra vent now rests).  So happy to recoup some of the money, after the appliance shop wouldn’t let me return it.  Thank goodness for Craigslist!

And speaking of clearing things out, I can see the back of the living room again!


You couldn’t see the floor two weeks ago!


View of the living room with our furniture from our old house. I think this space may be difficult to decorate, but I will take my time, hoping it will evolve into something special. Trial and error.

It is fitting we moved in on a Sunday.  Hands down, the natural light is the best thing about our house.  Almost every space has a big window that lets the sun shine in.  It’s motivating.  It’s relaxing.  My feelings may also have to do with the fact that we live in Minnesota, and sunshine keeps the winter chill at bay.  Although you wouldn’t know it by looking at all of the snow left in the yard, it is now spring!


It’s April, and there’s still ice in the rink!


Sunset from the master bedroom. Mr. Golden Sun, see you tomorrow.



  1. Just came across your blog – I love the work you’re doing on your kitchen, and the overall house is very impressive. Looks like you’re doing things similar to us, taking a cool mid-century house and bringing in new mid-century compatible elements. Looking forward to keeping up with your project here!

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