This Mod Move-in


It’s been two weeks since you have heard from me, and you might be wondering if I am still going to blog about our house project.  There’s too much fun stuff happening to stop now! (We’ve only really just begun…)  I pledge to get back to weekly updates, now that we have officially, albeit unceremoniously, 

MOVED-IN!!!  We finally made the move.  It had been 7 months (to the day) since we moved from our previous home to the apartment.  Those months were spent waiting to close on the new house (the first two), and then planning (the middle two) and beginning the renovation (the past three).  The week before we moved was busy with wrapping up the things that were most important for habitation:



The much-awaited countertops!


The counter installation took 3+ hours…..


There was sealing, clamping, shaving, cleaning…


And after all of that, I was left with one unfortunate, completely noticeable problem.

Yes, we have countertops, but my island top is really not okay.  The middle piece was chipped in fabrication, and I was not made aware until it was installed.  There was a two-hour attempt to make it better the next day, but it just doesn’t look right.  They are making another top to replace it.  Just a bit disappointed about all the wasted effort made to install a defective piece.  But very happy the company is going to make this right in the end!  

So, with the counter in, the plumber came to put in our kitchen faucet, and hook up the washing machine, a very necessary appliance for our family of 6.  Laundry is the bane of my existence!  At least I get a shiny newer front-loader to play with!  That’s the good news.  Unfortunately, like the counter-top install, all-is-not-well on the appliance front.  Here’s the story behind that:

Back in November, John (the architect) and I went appliance shopping.  We thought the Frigidaire Pro line of appliances had the right features and price-point for our project.  Done!  That was easy!  Well, flash-forward a few months, and the range didn’t fit my 30″ opening, as planned.  The Frigidaire range has a 31.5″ control panel that doesn’t allow it to be properly pushed back and blocks my drawers from opening.  An important detail missed by all.  Ugh. ugh. Ugh!  This detail led to a hefty restock fee, and another shopping trip.  In the end, I splurged on a Jenn-Air range that I love, and more important, it fits.  It came with a free matching dishwasher, which left me with an extra that the appliance shop would not take back.  So, if you or someone you know needs a dishwasher, it’s currently posted on craigslist!  As we speak, the new range is in it’s spot but not connected, and my new dishwasher is to be hooked up tomorrow.

This past week, our house was a workman-free zone, but Oh! was there work to do!  This is what the entry looked like the day after move-in:


O. M. G.

Two days in the house…


Still tripping over our stuff.


A welcome view out the window inspires, despite the sea of clutter. Click on this image to see the waving flag. It’s in the neighbor’s yard, but it seems this window was made to frame it.  Reminds me of my dad.

It has been an incredible week in our new home.  Love it to pieces. The windows allow light to saturate the spaces all day long!  There is a really relaxing vibe here, but there’s still lots left to do.  I will keep you posted!  Off to paint the master bathroom walls… 



  1. Congrats on moving in, Allison!! The part about the flag made me get all teary. I hope that view continues to bring you positive feelings and warm memories of your dad.

    1. Thanks, Jenn! The view of the flag was a special discovery. There are many things about our new property that remind me of our out-in-the-country home growing up. I think we will be really happy here!

  2. The flag tribute is nice! I love the lights over the island! Everything looks like it is coming together beautifully. Now you can start having fun with your decorating details.

  3. Congratulations on moving in! Now the real fun begins! The kitchen is looking terrific! I feel your pain with the countertop. That sucks but great they are working on it. Our installer messed up the holes for the faucet. Of course, we didn’t notice until we moved in that the faucet is way too forward – grrr. We have Jenn-Aire and Frigidaire appliances. I absolutely LOVE the Jenn-Aire cooktop and the oven. Congrats, again!

    1. Hi Michelle! Thanks for your comments. Luckily, when there have been issues, they have been worked out to my satisfaction. Some have been more costly than others (the appliances), but I have adopted the attitude that there will be and continue to be things overlooked and then “fixed”. In the end, I think will be happier with the Jenn-Air range. Just wish I would have known that from the start!

  4. Your comment about your new appliances not fitting hit home for me. We actually bought the refrigerator and it was inside the house, near the spot it would go in and the workmen made the opening too small. Same with the washer and dryer. They made the counter too low with them setting nearby. SERIOUSLY? Both times they were reluctant to fix and we have a strange solution. When I redo it again (and you always get another chance), I will personally measure these spots out myself as they initially get framed in. Dumbest thing ever.

    1. Wow, Rebecca! You definitely have reasons to be scratching your head! So many mistakes could be averted with careful measuring and a bit of thought put in… I too have learned that you just can’t be detail-oriented enough. I hate to be looking over everyone’s shoulder, but it definitely needs to be done to insure you and the whoever is doing the work are on the same page! Thanks for your comments!

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