Behind the Scenes (and Walls)


Old ceiling totally gone.

It’s mid-week, and I have some updating to do!  Our little project is moving along quite nicely.  The demo phase was so fun!  Every day last week, there was such dramatic change.  And this week, I arrive to see some wiring in the walls, and the next day, some more wiring with a few other thingamijigs in the walls/ceiling.  The plumber, electrician, and heating guy have all been amazing, but I admit, the important stuff in the wall and ceiling cavities are a bit boring.  There were discussions on Monday between the electrician, me, Jay and John about size and number of recessed lights, and when proposed locations of lighting and switches couldn’t be accommodated, there were more hemming and hawing sessions (mostly by me).  A remodel inherently has some challenges, as new stuff has to be located around old stuff.  It’s kind of like a game to choose the next best option, when the ideal won’t work.   That being said, it’s great to have moved on from the demo to the “build”.  You saw the sub-floor in last week, and now we have new wiring, pipes, and vents!  I guess we are now ready for all of the inspections that need to happen before the sheet rockers take over, closing up the ceilings and walls, and bathing the house in the thickest layer of dust yet.


Kitchen wall exposed.


Housing for 4″ spotlights and one over-the-table fixture.  Fun stuff!


Adios (today) to the last of the demo debris!


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