Good People.

Having embarked on this remodeling adventure, I am feeling so fortunate to be working with a great “team”.  John (our architect) has been wonderful in providing the expertise concerning the changes we are making on the house.  He is creative and thoughtful in his designs.  He is also attentive to my wishes and input, and when I have been indecisive, he offers that professional opinion I need.  He’s happy to email or call me back when I have had questions, and has even assisted me (willingly) on various shopping trips for the new spaces.  (These were trips for appliances and cabinets, which are time-consuming and would have been torturous for my husband!)  The best part is that John seems to be genuinely interested in our modest project.  This is a guy who has done some pretty cool stuff in terms of architecture, furniture design, and even ongoing architectural humanitarian efforts in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina.  You must check out his website to see his work!

My other fav person is Jay Middelstaedt, our builder.  Liked him the moment we met, and like him even more since work has started!  He is everything you would want in a builder, plus a smile.  Things have been moving along really well with no big surprises.  Here’s a pic of the main space as of yesterday:


Two sub-foors were laid to bring it to the correct level.

Today, I met Jay and Dan from Sela Roofing for a roofing bid and to take a look at the hole in the roof from the chimney we had removed.  Here are a few photos from that experience…Yes, even I climbed the ladder!


Gotta meet the electrician early tomorrow am.  Need to verify all the right spots for the wiring of ceiling fixtures, switches and outlets. Exciting stuff!

One comment

  1. I’m enjoying following your progress, Allison! Thanks for sharing.

    Please thank John, for me, for helping out my hometown.


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