Floor Plan Fun!

There’s nothing like a floor plan to get me excited about a project!  After a meeting at the house, a second one to gather info about our family’s needs and wants, and an hour or so for measuring, our architect prepared a series of preliminary plans for review.  All include removing the original wall between the dining room and kitchen areas.  Here are three different floor plans proposed for our main level:  (If you are so inclined to take a closer look, and actually see these plans, just click on the photo, and it should enlarge.)


Plan #1:  This plan we have named “The generous option”, as kitchen, dining, and living spaces are just that.


Plan #2: What if we wanted to incorporate an informal living area within the kitchen? This plan does that.


Plan #3:  This plan explores the possibility of adding a bedroom on the main level (within the existing space).

Do you have a favorite?

Ok, I was actually going to save the big “reveal” for the next post, but with blog logistics, you might see that post before this one, and that would spoil the surprise!  We can’t have that, so here it is below:


The winner is plan #1, “Generous”.

All three plans gave us something desirable.  Wouldn’t it be great to have that 5th bedroom, as proposed in plan #3?  And space for a sofa and TV in the kitchen could really be nice, shown in plan #2.  But, with that bedroom, we would be sacrificing so much natural light in the kitchen, too much to really consider that as an option.  If we chose to incorporate lounge furniture and entertainment in the kitchen, we are pretty sure we would rarely use our actual living room, and that 2-story space will be too light-filled and special to ignore!  With the “generous” version, the kitchen and dining spaces have room to breathe.  Plus, this design allows for a kick-butt island  (aka a “continent”, it’s that large).  Our architect believes in the proportions of this design, and the intention of using all parts of the house for everyday living.  So, with plan in hand, we need someone to make it a reality, and that, my friends, means finding a builder!







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