Finding a Voice.

I am guessing our home was pretty cool back in the 60’s when its modern architecture was new and fresh. In fact, there is a plaque awarding Mr. Stageberg for his design.              ImageIf you can’t quite make out the inscription, it is “1966 Home Beautiful Award, First Place”.   That’s proof enough for me.

Jump ahead nearly 50 years, and said house is showing its age, and not so gracefully. Yes, there have been various updates, but overall, this house needs some serious TLC.  As  our architect likes to say, we intend to help it to “sing again”.  So in the interest of sharing how we plan to do just that, help it to function well for us and find its “voice”, so to speak, let’s take a look at the “before” shots of the interior.

Inside, looking at the front door.Image

Walking in the front door, you look through this open stairwell to the backyard.

Go to the right of the front door, and you see the two-story living room.Image

Other end of living room has a loft space overhead.Image

Go to the left when walking in the front door, and you see the dining room.Image

                         Walk further in, and you come to the kitchen space.                            Image

It seems that a blog post does have space limitations, and I have just about filled this one up, so I must do a “Part 2” of the “before” photos.  I hope I have whet your appetite to see more.  Also, soon I will be sharing our plans for improving these spaces within, and how our tight budget has come into play when making decisions about what we want our abode to say.

Carpe diem!

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